Slovensko narodno gledališče Nova Gorica

Fondazione Teatro Due, Italija


Evropska gledališka konvencija / European Theatre Convention

on programme

20. 5. 2021. On-line

Those in Theatre have a duty to contribute by writing their own page in the book of the Renaissance, so that this phenomenon isn't neutral. Faced with a digital and virtual intoxication which seems to want to characterize the drive for the upcoming future, we intend to emphasize the irreplaceable need for the Theatre and for Society: restarting from the human being, as suggested in the renowned Italian Renaissance manifesto, Oratio de hominis dignitate, by Giovanni Pico della Mirandola.

Fondazione Teatro Due – Italy

Concept by Giacomo Giuntini
Camera: Matteo Macaluso
Music: Ugly Duckling by Little Red Church
Voices: Ensemble Attori Teatro Due
Editing: Lucrezia Le Moli
Produced by Fondazione Teatro Due
With the Ensemble Attori Teatro Due: Roberto Abbati, Cristina Cattellani, Laura Cleri, Paola De Crescenzo, Davide Gagliardini, Luca Nucera, Nanni Tormen, Massimiliano Sbarsi, Emanuele Vezzoli