Slovensko narodno gledališče Nova Gorica

Gur Koren

5 kilo sugar

Hamiša kilo sukar, 2005

Black comedy

First Slovene Production

on programme

spletni nakup vstopnic

  • 24. 09. 2021 at 20.00 SNG Nova Gorica

duration 1 hour and 45 minutes without interval


Mini teater Ljubljana, Judovski kulturni center Ljubljana  



18. February 2021, on-line premiere, SNG Nova Gorica

1. and 2. September, SNG Nova Gorica

about text

What would you do if your late grandfather suddenly appeared in your life and communicated with you through your friends and strangers in the street? What would you do if he demanded that you make sure the grandson of his old friend changes the facts in a book about World War II that he is about to publish? Well, this is what happens to the actor Peter Harl. His Grandpa returns – metaphysically – and sends him on an unusual trip through the streets of Ljubljana, a journey that began a long time ago, during the Second World War when, on their run from the Nazis, Grandpa and his friend were supposed to sell 5 kilos of sugar. And who would have thought that the late grandfather can be so clever and resistant that he appears through the most unusual and most interesting characters that Peter accidentally meets.

5 kilo sugar is a documentary comedy by the Israeli actor, writer and director Gur Koren, filled with typical Jewish dark humour, that researches how the older generation deals with the trauma of the holocaust, but also the younger generation that only knows it through the memories of their grandmothers and grandfathers. It is a humorous research of the hidden past and justice, and at the same time the presentation of the problems of the modern world. The original story takes place in the streets of Tel Aviv, Koren wrote it about his own grandfather and the contemporary Israeli culture, but the creators of the production, headed by the Israeli director Yonaton Esterkin, decided to move it to Slovenia, and put the actor Peter Harl, into the shoes of Gur Koren, who wrote this comedy with great love for his own Grandfather.

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