Slovensko narodno gledališče Nova Gorica

Michal Rynia, Nastja Bremec Rynia

Perpetuum mobile

A Dance-drama production

A baptismal production

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This performance doesn't have any called terms at the moment.


MN Dance Company


27. October 2022, SNG Nova Gorica

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A perpetuum mobile, a hypothetical machine that moves endlessly without energy supply, is a miracle and clearly expresses the striving of a human to researching the new, even the impossible and the unrealisable. Manufacturing a machine like that still remains an unrealisable dream, but the human kind might fulfil it sometime in the future and turn the idea of a machine that for now only exists in the heads of the visionaries and utopians – and generates eternal polemics with the opposing opinions about the possibility or impossibility of its creation – into reality. The human body, the planet Earth on which we live and the entire universe, constantly moving and changing, are a constant inspiration for the conceiving of a perpetuum mobile with which the dancers create new excellence in movement, the unstoppable and hypnotic movement of pulsating bodies and with it, a miraculous ever-moving dancing world, which is at the same time a part of the past and of the future.

The production is dedicated to the 570th anniversary of the visionary, artist, architect and inventor Leonardo da Vinci, the relentless searcher for the perpetuum mobile and – just like the master himself – links art and science. With the support of the new era technology, developed by the Nova Gorica computer company Arctur and in collaboration with the centre of creative practices Xcenter Nova Gorica and the company for lighting solutions Intra Lightins, the international ensemble of dancers and actors research the eternity of the movement and the eternity of discovering the new in art and science. A co-production project between the MN Dance Company and the SNT Nova Gorica, Perpetuum Mobile is a part of the programme preceding the beginning of the European Capital of Culture Go! 2025.


We like to create something out of nothing – of merely our bodies.

Michal Rynia and Nastja Bremec Rynia

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This performance doesn't have any called terms at the moment.