Slovensko narodno gledališče Nova Gorica

Kay Pollak

As It Is in Heaven

Så som i himmelen, 2004

A musical melodrama

First Slovene Production

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Slovensko stalno gledališče Trst


23. March 2023, SNG Nova Gorica

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At the height of his brilliant international career, the conductor Daniel Dareus must cancel the planned concerts after a heart attack. In his desire for peace and solitude he returns to his home village and moves into a former school, but it doesn’t take long for him to learn that his life in the village will be neither peaceful nor solitary, and above all, it won’t be without music. First, he unwillingly sits in at the rehearsal of the church choir, but he soon gets the idea of conducting it. Once he steps into the centre of the village activity, the dynamics of relationships in the small community begins to change. Suddenly, nothing in the village is like it used to be. The jealous pastor and the former choir director try to block Daniel, among other things because his “search for your own voice” method also creates a strong desire for freedom among the individuals. The amateur singers are more and more committed to the conductor, music and each other, so that nothing can stop the artistic growth and the beating of the awakened hearts of the choir members.

A romantic musical melodrama talks about music that can change the world and about the amateur choirs, which are very popular in Sweden, while in Slovenia, they are considered the most popular form of participatory artistic activity for amateurs. With As It Is in Heaven, the screenwriter and director Kay Pollak created one of the biggest cinema hits in Sweden, and won an Oscar nomination for the Best Foreign Language Film in 2004. The dramaturg Dubravko Mihanović and the director Rene Medvešek adapted the screenplay for the Gavella City Drama Theatre in 2016 and created an extremely successful stage production. Samo M. Strelec will bring the Croatian adaptation to live for the Slovenian territory with the members of the ensembles from the Slovene Repertory Theatre in Trieste and the SNT Nova Gorica.

Many people who survived a difficult disease or a dangerous injury say that they started living again after that. Anew. But: with a different outlook on life and different values. This is exactly what happens in our play, to our protagonist. But even more important is the following: everything that happens because of him in the community into which he retreated. We could say that the protagonist goes to “the end of the world” to find the essence, the core of the world.

Samo M. Strelec

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This performance doesn't have any called terms at the moment.