Slovensko narodno gledališče Nova Gorica
Wednesday at 19.00

Pier Paolo Pasolini


SNG Nova Gorica

Thursday at 20.00

David Mamet


SNG Nova Gorica

Friday at 20.00

Jure Karas


SNG Nova Gorica

Monday at 18.00

Jaka Smerkolj Simoneti

Little Stars

Gimnazija Nova Gorica

Friday at 20.00

Henrik Ibsen

When We Dead Awaken

SNG Nova Gorica

Saturday at 20.00

Iztok Mlakar


SNG Nova Gorica

Sunday at 19.30

Bojana Šaljić Podešva, Saška Rakef

Ko sem še

SNG Nova Gorica

Thursday at 20.00

Dominik Smole


SNG Nova Gorica

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Premiere 5 April 2019, Théâtre du Pélican, Clermont-Ferrand, France


ID: Babylon

The Amateur Youth Stage (AMO) has been operating under the patronage of the SNG Nova Gorica since 1977 and with youth performances complemented the theatre's programme while offering a chance to a number of gifted young people to develop their artistic talents. For ID: Babylon, We, a group of young artists from Nova Gorica, started researching who the Slovenian/European “enemies" are, who we are afraid of and who represents the so called “destroyers” of  European culture. We took motives and content from various media and negative comments on social media.  We thus created typical political conservatives or better people who don’t accept differences. The creative processes led us to the genre of absurd and black comedy. 

Such must be the function of laughter. Always rather humiliating for the one against whom it is directed, laughter is, really and truly, a kind of social  “ragging”. (Henri Bergson)

Ensemble: Nejka Berce Čeligoj, Neža Lozej, Rebeka Štokelj Hlede, Jakob Šfiligoj, Borut Petrović

Artistic director: Tereza Gregorič
Dramaturg: Tajda Lipicer, Urša Adamič
Light / Technique: Samo Oblokar / Jonathan Černe
Sound: Jonathan Černe
Photo: Damir Ipavec



  • Jakob Šfiligoj and Borut Petrovič - Visionary Award for the best acting duo, Visions Festival 2019
  • Nejka Berce Čeligoj – Best Actress Award, International Repassage Fest international festival, Ub, Serbia, 2019
  • Borut Petrovič – Actor of the Evening Award, Repassage Fest international festival, Ub, Serbia, 2019 


V našo skuto ne pojdejo V našo skuto ne pojdejo Nejka in Borut