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Frank Wedekind

Spring Awakening

Kosovo National Theater & Center for Art and Community - Artpolis

The Musical Theatre Performance

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duration 1 Hour anf 40 Minutes without an Interval.

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The play "Spring Awakening", Frank Wedekind's masterpiece "Spring Awakening", directed by Zana Hoxha, has been adapted in Kosovo in the '90s.

The need for youth to understand and to be understood has been and continues to be a challenge, especially a story that has followed our youth in the 90s, a time of protests and resistance, a time when collective and personal freedom was limited by the Milosevic’s political regime and patriarchy, while solidarity kept alive the spirit of collective resistance.

Youth and the natural needs of youth have not been a priority, thus even information about their sexuality, feelings, love, and experiences has been limited and neglected by their family, school, and society. School violence, physical and sexual abuse, prejudice, unplanned pregnancy, and abortion have been and remain real problems of our Kosovar society.

This play, including all its creators, is dedicated to all teenagers who fell in 1998-1999 in the last war in Kosovo.

Produksioni/Production: Kosovo National Theater & Center for Art and Community - Artpolis.
Autor/Author: Frank Wedekind
Adaptimi & Regjia/ Adaption & Director:  Zana Hoxha
Aktorët/Actors: Hajat Toçilla, Valmir Krasniqi, Labinot Raci, Arta Muçaj, Shkëlzen Veseli, Semira Latifi, Shpëtim Kastrati, Qëndresa Loki, Verona Koxha, Flamur Ahmeti, Armend Ballazhi.
Muzikantët/Musicians: Alzan Gashi, Arbër Salihu & Drin Tashi.
Koreografia/Choreography: Robert Nuha
Kostumografia/Costumography: Yllka Brada
Skenografia/Scenography: Youliana Voykova – Najman
Inspicient: Bajram Mehemtaj
Asistente/Assistant: Elira Lluka

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  • 04. 07. 2022 at 21.00. SNG Nova Gorica