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William Shakespeare

Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing, 1600

A musical comedy

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11. April 2024, SNG Nova Gorica

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This version of Shakespeare’s classical comedy about two pairs of lovers with different views on infatuation will focus on the conflict created when men return from the war after a long time and find at home the women who, during that time, got used to living without men – self-determination, independence, freedom. They are therefore no longer willing to concede the power to them and this is where new reasons for entertaining altercations begin, in which despite everything, as always and in all times, affection and love win, because men and women cannot exist without each other.

William Shakespeare’s comedy, one of the most beautiful in the treasury of world comedy, adapted to the contemporary spirit of emancipation and female energy which is emerging in every field, will be put on the SNT Nova Gorica stage by Ivana Djilas, known for her musical theatre spectacles, which this production also promises to be.


Beatrice: Princes and counties! Surely, a princely testimony, a goodly count, Count Comfect! O that I were a man for his sake! or that I had any friend would be a man for my sake! Butmanhood is melted into courtesies, valour intocompliment, and men are only turned into tongue, and trim ones too: he is now as valiant as Hercules that only tells a lie and swears it. I cannot be a man with wishing, therefore I will die a woman with grieving.

William Shakespeare

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This performance doesn't have any called terms at the moment.