Slovensko narodno gledališče Nova Gorica

"The atmosphere of the Mediterranean lust for squabble – a giddy comedy played in the local dialect."

Carlo Goldoni

The Squabbles at Chioggia

Le baruffe chiozzotte

Directed by Vito Taufer

on programme

This performance doesn't have any called terms at the moment.


Co-production of Slovensko narodno gledališče Nova Gorica and Primorski poletni festival


  • Assistant stage manager
    Simon Kovačič
  • Sound master
    Stojan Nemec
  • Prompter
    Srečka Birsa


20. September 2001, Primorsko dramsko gledališče Nova Gorica
Second premiere 06. July 2001, In open-air, Piran, Primorski poletni festival

in media

The performance is saturated with the Mediterranean hot-temper, the temper which consists also of irascibility and resentfulness, relentlessness and irritability, and this gives the performance a quick rhythm and vivacity in acting. Above all, its creators have not missed a single chance to present witty and extreme caricatures and acting miniatures.
M. Bogataj, Dnevnik

festivals and performances abroad

- Festival Primorski poletni festival, Piran, 2001, 2002
- Theatre Atelje 212, Beograd, Srbia, 2001
- Festival Dnevi komedije, Celje, 2002
- International Festival Dnevi satire, Zagreb, Croatia, 2002
- Reka, Croatia, 2002
- International Summer Festival, Varna, Bulgaria, 2002
- Festival Grajski večeri, Štanjel, 2002
- 37. Borštnikovo srečanje, Maribor, 2002
- International Festival Splitsko poletje, Split, Croatia, 2003 (dve predstavi)
- International Festival Ohridsko poletje, Ohrid, Macedonia, 2003
- International Festival Heraklejski večeri, Bitola, Macedonia, 2003
- Skopje, Macedonia, 2003

technical notes

The production can be perform in open-air and as well inside.
Subtitles available.

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This performance doesn't have any called terms at the moment.